paglia type beat

“What counts as art, or good art, or beautiful, is a subjective matter of one’s own preferences.” If this statement were true, then art and beauty would cease to exist, their value tantamount to refuse. Art, and good art especially, is a reflection of the artist’s lived experiences and trauma. This truth is where manyContinue reading “paglia type beat”

jesus and mary chain type beat

Our parents don’t even know where we are Soaked in sun and rain  We’ve been gone for days Chasing the real  Settling for the so-so and the imaginary Barreling down country roads  Taking each other each night  I wake you up but you aren’t the same  Your smile is there  But your face is changed Continue reading “jesus and mary chain type beat”

on Sex, and her daughter Eroticism

The Young People, especially those that have deluded themselves into thinking they are ‘artists’, have lost sense of sex, or of love, or of beauty, although according to them this couldn’t be further from the truth. They consider themselves “sex positive” and support the euphemistic charade that is “sex work.” Really, sex work is theContinue reading “on Sex, and her daughter Eroticism”

cigarette in your bed

The soft and inviting light of early morning flits through our window as I wake from a night of well-earned sleep. Our apartment is still half-empty, with boxes full of adolescent memories we’ve both long since forgot. We just moved in yesterday. I reach over to the bedside table and grab a cigarette from anContinue reading “cigarette in your bed”

which, way, western man?

At age 18, you stand at the precipice of either your ultimate downfall or your greatest triumph. Every decision you make pushes you closer towards either oblivion or salvation. Sure, you’re most likely in college and you might think that what really matters is how well you’re doing with your grades or how hot theContinue reading “which, way, western man?”