last day of summer

We will slip back into innocence, and revel in its intoxicating embrace

The wind rustling, shifting, picking up yet another spring snow

In a week’s time it will be summer and 

We will be warm and we will be joyous

We can be alone with each other

Being Being Being! Around you is like 

The snow it kisses my face and it reminds me of you white and perfect and powerful and soft  

I love when the snow doesn’t know what month it is 

I would love you but maybe I shouldn’t for if I wish for you too long I will become lost in my own desire, made a slave to my passion but is that such a bad thing? 

I listen for the sounds of the coming summer

The insects buzzing the wind sighing with heady relief

My misfortune is knowing that your beauty won’t allow me to be with you 

Your beauty won’t allow me to be warm and in your bed 

I curse language itself for keeping the truth just that far away

The way I think about you I just want to say without saying, and I hope you know without really knowing 

Kids, playing outside

Wrapped in sunshine and kissed by God

We were just kids 

And now we’re laying under a tree 

The night is warm 

I pass the wine and we drink because we think it’s fun 

And we laugh, thinking about those kids 

Thinking about how they grew up 

And how they are us 

And how we are happy, 

together and alone

jesus and mary chain type beat

Our parents don’t even know where we are

Soaked in sun and rain 

We’ve been gone for days

Chasing the real 

Settling for the so-so and the imaginary

Barreling down country roads 

Taking each other each night 

I wake you up but you aren’t the same 

Your smile is there 

But your face is changed 

Lips curled and cheeks dimpled

You are smiling I know it 

But there is nothing

Not nothing 

But something other 

Than yourself 

Lurking in the depth of your eyes

Is it regret? 

on Sex, and her daughter Eroticism

The Young People, especially those that have deluded themselves into thinking they are ‘artists’, have lost sense of sex, or of love, or of beauty, although according to them this couldn’t be further from the truth. They consider themselves “sex positive” and support the euphemistic charade that is “sex work.” Really, sex work is the commodification of the perfect human form, that of woman, and it is a degradation of her flesh and soul. They are not ‘taking advantage of capitalistic systems’ they are playing right into Capitalism’s hands. They preach love but have no understanding of Desire, the driving force of both its daughter eroticism and of everyone’s every move and thought. They seek to drain sex of the erotic and replace it with the banal and empty outrageousness of pornography, showing everything and at the same time losing all meaning. Sex is outrageous, yes, but it is the love and the pure jouissance and the pure pleasure that makes it Sex. Sex is more than just the physical act, we are talking about more than that! Physical consummation aside, Sex is the force and the will that makes up the unconscious. Sex is dangerous and threatening because it is the Other. It is unknowable, and in our pathetic attempts to understand it we encounter the hedonistic and chaotic realm of THE EROTIC. The Young People now seek to outlaw true artistic purity in any of its forms. Every poem, film, book, artwork, must have a clearly defined and easily palatable political message. Anything that makes you uncomfortable, truly uncomfortable, isn’t art, you see. And don’t be fooled, all art is Sex! Art is the desperate attempt by man to understand that which exists beyond us, the realm of the sexual and of the divine. The young people think they understand Beauty when all they know of Beauty is is her reflection in a cracked mirror. Its full visage would cause many a young ‘artist’ to keel over.

cigarette in your bed

The soft and inviting light of early morning flits through our window as I wake from a night of well-earned sleep. Our apartment is still half-empty, with boxes full of adolescent memories we’ve both long since forgot. We just moved in yesterday. I reach over to the bedside table and grab a cigarette from an all-too-empty pack. I take a long drag and feel my blood hungrily soak up the nicotine. I turn to you. I see the outline of your back. I see your velvety swaths of dark brown hair draped down onto the shitty bed we got from your parents. You’re still fast asleep. I hope you’re having a beautiful dream. As I listen to your gentle breath, I look past you to the world outside. The city was waking up with me. Cars drove past the window going too fast. Men and women with places to be rushed to those places the way they’ve done it every day for 15 years. I think to myself that we’ll do things differently. I look back to you. You’re looking right back at me with eyes full of love. Your eyes are so full of intelligence and kindness and devotion that I almost start to cry. I pray you see the same in my eyes. Without looking away, you ask for a cigarette.

which, way, western man?

At age 18, you stand at the precipice of either your ultimate downfall or your greatest triumph. Every decision you make pushes you closer towards either oblivion or salvation. Sure, you’re most likely in college and you might think that what really matters is how well you’re doing with your grades or how hot the girl you’ve been fucking is, but really what matters is who you are as a person.

 Do you value hard work? Do you value forging your own way, even if it means complete isolation? Or are you complacent, destined to repeat the mistakes of your parents and to fall in line with a society that has left everyone behind? A society that is perfectly constructed to keep us in a cage. A cage of ignorance and obesity. A cage of humanity’s own subconscious design that keeps us safe from how we’re truly meant to live. The luxuries of modern life are killing us slowly, but it’s an easier death. 

So you’re 18. You can choose to buy your ticket into this system and live the life everyone expects you to live, or you can do everything in your power to save you and your friends from the 21st century hell world. 

we do live in a society, tho

Our society is rotting. Unbridled capitalism coupled with ever-shifting cultural tendencies towards progressivism has mangled and raped the heart of mankind beyond recognition. Governmental laxity and a rapidly deteriorating national culture has led to the abandonment of the common person. The isolation that many feel exists on a spiritual and societal level. In an atheistic and amoral society, men and women feel subconsciously trapped by expectations. Expectations that aren’t grounded in much more than smoke and mirrors. The modern man is someone who is expected to be able to provide for his family but a rapidly automating economy has left millions of men listless and despondent, with many turning to suicide. The modern woman is expected to sleep around and pursue a career. Instead of raising children and living a life free from want, she now has the option of working her life away at a soul-crushing job pursuing money that won’t make her happy.

 Where does this leave us? We must act quickly. Are we to simply lie down and let this happen? That’s one solution I suppose. Or we can fight. We can fight back against modernity. Dismantle the machine of authority, the tyranny of government and corporation, piece by piece by every little fucking piece until man and woman can live as they should. Living off the land, unconcerned with the machinations of man, simply creating a life worth living. This is a goal worth dying for. Being unable to cease the constant bombardment of obesity, homelessness, hedonism, suicide, and filth, the only clear answer is to accelerate.