mfs read deleuze once and think they a cat (*´艸`*)

I’m empty 

Have you ever felt so empty, so hollowed out, you can no longer remember what was supposed to fit inside you 

Do you understand. Do you. You couldn’t. You’ve never felt like this. Never had to lie about it either. Do you ever look up at the ceiling and see yourself hanging from it? The only thing that gives you any joy is God and art. Both have been forgotten by most of your ‘peers’. Their reflexive intolerance reveals their bottomless ignorance. They hate you because you understand beauty. Really they don’t know. They’ve never cried at the very thought of God’s love. They’ve never watched a movie or read a book that didn’t have a clear cut, corporate, easy to understand and exceedingly acceptable moral message. They think that anything that tries to communicate beauty is fascist. They want you dead and your kids dead and your wife raped and killed. They want you fucking dead and you’re starting to see their point. Why experience the world the way you do? All it brings you is misery, alienation, scorn. You live the way you do because the fleeting moments of beauty that you are allowed to experience fill the hole inside you until you retch. When the realm of the angels bleeds into you you forget everything, you forget everyone else. Anyways this is why i don’t have a girlfriend 

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