on Sex, and her daughter Eroticism

The Young People, especially those that have deluded themselves into thinking they are ‘artists’, have lost sense of sex, or of love, or of beauty, although according to them this couldn’t be further from the truth. They consider themselves “sex positive” and support the euphemistic charade that is “sex work.” Really, sex work is the commodification of the perfect human form, that of woman, and it is a degradation of her flesh and soul. They are not ‘taking advantage of capitalistic systems’ they are playing right into Capitalism’s hands. They preach love but have no understanding of Desire, the driving force of both its daughter eroticism and of everyone’s every move and thought. They seek to drain sex of the erotic and replace it with the banal and empty outrageousness of pornography, showing everything and at the same time losing all meaning. Sex is outrageous, yes, but it is the love and the pure jouissance and the pure pleasure that makes it Sex. Sex is more than just the physical act, we are talking about more than that! Physical consummation aside, Sex is the force and the will that makes up the unconscious. Sex is dangerous and threatening because it is the Other. It is unknowable, and in our pathetic attempts to understand it we encounter the hedonistic and chaotic realm of THE EROTIC. The Young People now seek to outlaw true artistic purity in any of its forms. Every poem, film, book, artwork, must have a clearly defined and easily palatable political message. Anything that makes you uncomfortable, truly uncomfortable, isn’t art, you see. And don’t be fooled, all art is Sex! Art is the desperate attempt by man to understand that which exists beyond us, the realm of the sexual and of the divine. The young people think they understand Beauty when all they know of Beauty is is her reflection in a cracked mirror. Its full visage would cause many a young ‘artist’ to keel over.

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