which, way, western man?

At age 18, you stand at the precipice of either your ultimate downfall or your greatest triumph. Every decision you make pushes you closer towards either oblivion or salvation. Sure, you’re most likely in college and you might think that what really matters is how well you’re doing with your grades or how hot the girl you’ve been fucking is, but really what matters is who you are as a person.

 Do you value hard work? Do you value forging your own way, even if it means complete isolation? Or are you complacent, destined to repeat the mistakes of your parents and to fall in line with a society that has left everyone behind? A society that is perfectly constructed to keep us in a cage. A cage of ignorance and obesity. A cage of humanity’s own subconscious design that keeps us safe from how we’re truly meant to live. The luxuries of modern life are killing us slowly, but it’s an easier death. 

So you’re 18. You can choose to buy your ticket into this system and live the life everyone expects you to live, or you can do everything in your power to save you and your friends from the 21st century hell world. 

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