we do live in a society, tho

Our society is rotting. Unbridled capitalism coupled with ever-shifting cultural tendencies towards progressivism has mangled and raped the heart of mankind beyond recognition. Governmental laxity and a rapidly deteriorating national culture has led to the abandonment of the common person. The isolation that many feel exists on a spiritual and societal level. In an atheistic and amoral society, men and women feel subconsciously trapped by expectations. Expectations that aren’t grounded in much more than smoke and mirrors. The modern man is someone who is expected to be able to provide for his family but a rapidly automating economy has left millions of men listless and despondent, with many turning to suicide. The modern woman is expected to sleep around and pursue a career. Instead of raising children and living a life free from want, she now has the option of working her life away at a soul-crushing job pursuing money that won’t make her happy.

 Where does this leave us? We must act quickly. Are we to simply lie down and let this happen? That’s one solution I suppose. Or we can fight. We can fight back against modernity. Dismantle the machine of authority, the tyranny of government and corporation, piece by piece by every little fucking piece until man and woman can live as they should. Living off the land, unconcerned with the machinations of man, simply creating a life worth living. This is a goal worth dying for. Being unable to cease the constant bombardment of obesity, homelessness, hedonism, suicide, and filth, the only clear answer is to accelerate.

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