That Sinking Feeling

Look up at the stars and you’re gone

  • her again

    April 13, 2021 by

    all that’s left to do is all that’s left to do. all of us fall all and all. why are you lighting that cigarette  I haven’t even told you yet.  sky heave and render my heart elegant.  stop looking at me like that i haven’t even told you yet its a  surprise.  there are tears… Read more

  • avant-garde hangover

    April 12, 2021 by

    You run, nude, studded with splinters Hair that is finespun and sunkissed  Cascading down the gentle slopes of your shoulders Secret, cold, and available A man loves a woman he never touches. A beauty that has been complicated And deferred. Poetic insult in the  Small hours of the morning.  attempts at out-and-out performative prostration. Idolatry… Read more

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